Thank you for your interest in the “Montenegro Stars” kennel.

If you have any questions about buying, breeding and planned mating, you can contact us at:

Skype: avalacg
Telephone number in Montenegro: +382 (67) 606 229

Since our kennel is not yet very big, we don’t often have puppies available for sale. This means, that the information about you, the purposes of your buying a puppy, on your breeding and dog handling experience is of great importance to us. We also need to know what life conditions you can provide for the puppy and if you have other pets, and many other things.

Please, try to understand our concern and do your best to give us as more details about you as possible, not only ask about the price, as the cost issue should not be the only key factor in the decision of having a pet.

Please, mind that the Chihuahua puppies are not compatible with kids’ games.

We’ll be glad to answer any your questions!