The Chihuahua is not only the smallest dog in the world, but the most smooth-tempered among other pigmy breeds. Hysteric representatives of this noble breed are rare. That’s why these dogs are compared with brave short warriors. A real Chihuahua isn’t only lovely like an ancient god but also proud like him. The Chihuahua is not completely sure of being much shorter than you. It has an outstanding ability of looking down on you though your boots may be higher. It’s hard to smile ‘cutie-cutie’, especially if the dog is seated on your arm. Your presence has nothing to do with that. The glorious Chihuahua appearance and his politely surprised look would stop you…

The Chihuahua loves its master self-forgetfully; it may be very jealous for both other dogs and people. It gets hurt if feels that someone is more appealing than it is. You can try to pat another dog before your Chihuahua and your pet will get out of its way to assure you that it was a big mistake. To attract your attention your dog is going to bark, push away the rival from its object of adoration, that is, from you, and finally hurt it would leave for its little house, making a brilliant show of universal grief. And this is going to forgive her…

The Chihuahuas are pretty curious. They are likely to take part in all your activities — whether it is house cleaning, dining out or discharging of your purchases from the bag. The Chihuahuas are very observing. They’ll figure out from your outfit what you are going to do — having a walk, shopping, or visiting a friend.

The Chihuahuas are keen on watching its master. They can be watching you work at the computer, knit or chat with friends for hours. If you happen to plan going out, it’ll follow you.

Sometimes the Chihuahuas seem to be able to read their master’s thoughts. They always catch up if their presence is desirable or when it’s better to keep distance from the master.

They can easily find out the weak sides of their masters’ characters and, be sure, take advantage of their discovery.

The Chihuahuas should be fostered. Fostered, but not trained. They are amazingly quick to understand their masters and are ready to fulfill every wish of them. They wouldn’t resent their master’s fair criticism; moreover they are going to apologize, showing their yielding to the fairness of the criticism addressed to them. But the Chihuahua is likely to resent your shouting at it only out of your bad mood and the resentment is going to be grave and lasting. The Chihuahua is going to get to its little house and would spend the whole day there with frustrated air.

No effort of yours to put up with it is going to have success until the Chihuahua decides to forgive you.

It’s amusing to watch the Chihuahua play. Because people often own more than one dog like this. So agile, hot-tempered and sturdy they can run around your house and garden showing unbelievable tricks on their way, being totally silent. But if a stranger happened to arrive, their angry barking would announce the visit. They are nice guards (not bodyguards though).

The Chihuahuas are very sturdy. If you make up your mind to have a walk with your Chihuahua, it will be you but the dog to feel tired in a couple of hours. The Chihuahuas are keen on spending time outdoors both in frosty and warm weather. Scorching sun, draughts and dampness can cause many unpleasant things for them, from sunstrokes to flu and rheumatism. However, it’s worth mentioning that all breeds are prone to such consequences.

They often ask us if the longhaired Chihuahuas’ behavior is different from that of the smooth-coated ones. Longhaired Chihuahuas are believed to be more gentle and tolerant than the smooth-coated ones. However the smooth-coated are more agile and hot-tempered than their longhaired kin. Though there are some exceptions.