It would be much easier for a master to food the dog if he uses dry food. Nowadays there is a great choice of dry food for dogs of various breeds and ages, providing a balanced diet for them. Highly qualified dry food different in type and taste would ensure your dog’s force and health.

Food varies in type: dry, soft damp, soft dry, with different supplements.

Food varies in contents and taste: beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, liver, fish mixture and others, with different supplements.

Food varies in energy value: for active and on-duty animals, for obese animals, for animals with particular diet requirements, including those prone to various allergies and requiring medical care. Moreover, there is food for adult dogs, for junior dogs, for puppies, for pregnant and suckling females.

Having all necessary ingredients, sufficient nutrient density and attractive taste qualities, dry food are used without any additional supplements.

Besides, dry food provides both owners and their dogs with such comforts like lack of necessity to mix different ingredients in needed proportions. Additionally, there is no trash; there is no need in boiling and steaming anything, hiding the remainder into the fridge. Dry food is 2–3 times more economical and normally has long (more than one year) storage time.

One should pass to dry feeding gradually. Within ten days usual food can be mixed with dry one. Every day the quantity of dry food should be increased and the quantity of the dog’s normal food should be decreased until for the 10th day there is only dry food.

The quantity of dry food given to the dog for one meal shouldn’t be higher than the one indicated on the food package as a daily norm in accordance to the related weight category, divided in the number of meals a day. The energy value of the food and its type should correspond the age, the body build, the weight and the condition of your dog.

The number of meals depends on the dog’s age and should be like it was mentioned above.


  • The dog must always have fresh water within reach;
  • The food can be served both dry and damped in room temperature water;
  • Dry food can be mixed with canned fooding the following proportions: 25% from the daily dose of canned food and 75% from the daily dose of dry food;
  • The recommended dosage is approximate and can be modified in dependence on the temper, the activity level and the life conditions;
  • The food is complete and doesn’t require supplements of vitamin-mineral complexes unless that’s prescribed by the veterinary.