A long-haired dog should be combed with a special long-pronged comb, a smooth-coated — with a massage natural-bristle brush. The hair on the longhaired Chihuahuas’ paws should be trimmed up to the claw edge. Between the pads the hair should be removed. A Chihuahua should be washed not more often than once every 3–4 months and with special dogs’ shampoos only. Don’t use your shampoo for your pet; it can cause skin dryness, scurf or tetter. After bath the dog must be wiped and dried with a hair-dryer.


From time to time the Chihuahua ears should be examined and cleaned with special cotton sticks if needed. Special kits are available in pet shops.


The eyes are organs of vital importance and they require care not only from the esthetical, but also physiological point. The Chihuahua normally has some eye mucus excretion. The mucus appears after sleep. It gets dry forming crusts under the eyes. The crusts should be removed regularly, as they stimulate bacteria propagation in the conjuctival cavity, which can cause inflammation. Excessive dark excretion is abnormal.


Examine your dog’s claws once every two weeks. Too long claws should be trimmed with a special claw-trimmer for small dogs. Do it cautiously, mind not to injure the digit of the Chihuahua.


Examine regularly your Chihuahua’s teeth. When milk teeth change, the tushes may not fall. If the tushes or the front teeth don’t fall till the 6–7 months’ age, one should turn to a vet and pull them out. Like all pigmy dogs the Chihuahuas are prone to dental tartar which causes gum inflammation, early tooth fall, and fetid breath. The tartar must be removed. You should consult your vet. For preventive measures use special anti-tartar toothpastes for dogs. Brush your dog’s teeth with it 1–2 times a week. You can give your dog special crackers and biscuits to crunch. All these are available in pet-shops.


If you walk your dog outdoors you may wipe its paws afterwards. Outdoor walks are very healthy for dogs. But we should mind their character and temper. Therefore, ALWAYS walk your dog ONLY ON THE LEASH!!! And as often as possible, playing with and patting your dog, examine it, this way you are more likely to figure out soon if ‘something’s wrong’, since a good master knows his dog well, he will take the measures faster, will consult a doctor in time and won’t waste the time precious for his little thing’s health. This way your Chihuahua will bring you joy for many years!